NYT Book Review Cover for a review of, "Blazing World" a book about females and their place in the art world in the 80's.

A woman named Brooke Williams wrote about her far more succesful doppelgänger by the same name for NYT Sunday Review.

What would advertising look like if the government regulated Photoshopping? For Ad Age.

Why being a big social media company isn't exactly the greatest, for Ad Age.

Was fortunate enough to be asked to participate in the Garrison Creek Bat Co.'s Season Opener show in Toronto!

Really honored to have been asked to do the cover of McSweeney's The Believer's 2014 Film Issue!

Who were the biggest innovators at the Oscars? For Variety.

Obamacare is allowing people to leave jobs they previously couldn't leave for fear of losing health insurance, NYT Mag's It's the Econonmy.

McSweeney's put out the Portlandia Activity Book recently. One of my activites is a "Find the Outlet" game that uses my rough coffee shop stalker-style sketchbook drawings.

Woody Allen's recent scandal is an interesting way to see how scandals have morphed along with media. For Ad Age!

Credit is beginning to trump cash, and is helping the poor to advance, for NYT Magazine's It's The Economy.

How is Broadway keeping up with the 21st Century? For Variety.

Is marriage a legitimate fix for poverty? For NYT Magazine's It's The Economy.

Harley Davidson is showing that it is possible and actually beneficial to keep manufacturing in the US, for NYT Magazine.

Discoveries about how the human brain works are being made by studying fly brain functions, for HHMI Bulletin.

The Cheesepocalypse is upon us! For Ad Age.

I did a handful of portraits for a Men's Health year end wrap-up, but the Miley/KISS mash-up was by far my favorite.

Drew some Moscot frames for a Moscot trunk show at a local glasses shop, Framed Ewe.

An Indian candidate's steam might be stopped by a new political party, for Bloomberg View.

How increasing minimum wage in the fast food industry wasn't a bad idea, NYT Mag's "It's the Economy"

"Mind the Gap" Why Mayors Can't Combat Income Inequality in NYT Mag's "It's the Economy"