I tend to tell people I live in the desert and draw pictures for a living. But to be more specific, I draw for lots of different people and companies, The New York Times, McSweeney's, Time, GQ, Bloomberg and ESPN (to name six). As far as recognitions go, I've been in American Illustration a handful of times, I was named one of Print Magazine's Top 20 Under 30 in 2012, I've made The New York Times Notable Op-Ed Art, given talks (at Pratt, AIGA things, and now ICON too!) I've had work featured on Coverjunkie, It's Nice That, and Complex Magazine, and all while living in Phoenix, Arizona. If you want my phone number or just want to chat, send a message here: kelseydake@gmail.com

All work is made by hand. And all work present on this website is also Copyright Kelsey Dake 2014.
Oh and people really like my dog Truman, http://instagram.com/kelseydake